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AA Series
The polarity of AA size NiZn batteries for household is identical to that of alkaline primary batteries...
SC Series
SC Series batteries are the ideal power supply for power tools with the features of high power, no memory effect...
D Series
D size Ni-Zn battery is developed for the starting batteries requiring a power around 2kW like those for high-power...
F Series
F size NiZn rechargeable battery is the battery of high power and large energy density and it adapts to the growing...
Power Battery
Energy density, power density, cycle life, safety and cost are five main performance elements of power batteries...
Starting Battery
With the good performance of high rate discharging, NiZn battery is particularly suitable for those starting batteries...
Energy-storage Battery
With the solar energy growing, the demands for energy-storage batteries are increasing. Normally solar batteries absorb energy in...
About Us
Rechargeable NiZn battery, as one of the environmental-friendly batteries, could be traced back to late 19th century when the famous American inventor Thomas Edison had done some researches on it. Compared with other rechargeable batteries, NiZn battery has its own unique features and is applicable to many products and fields, which has huge market potentials...
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