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Performance of NeuCell NiZn Battery
  NeuCell NiZn battery as a new kind of rechargeable battery adopts the advanced manufacturing technology, which is of high energy density, high power and outstanding discharging performance.
  The battery does not contain any poisonous substances,Nickel-zinc battery chemistry is well recognized in the world as the ideal battery system due to several reasons. First of all, zinc electrode has very high specific energy. Secondary, nickel electrode has very long cycle life. Back in the late 19th century, people have put forward NiZn battery. However, the dendrite growth and electrode shape change affect the cycle life and performance of NiZn battery, which impede the commercialization of this technology. Our company has successfully solved this problem and makes the battery of longer life.? More than 500 cycles have been demonstrated not only by the lab prototype but also by the products mass produced in the production line.
  NiZn battery is known as the real “Green Battery” with the characteristics of high capacity, high power, safe, no memory effect and high-rate charge/discharge-able. It has a bright prospect in many fields such as power-tools, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, energy-storage devices and communication.
1. High voltage: The nominal voltage of each single NiZn cell is 1.6V, nearly 0.4V more than?NiCd and NiMH batteries.
2. High energy density: The energy of NiZn battery can be 60-80Wh/kg. Compared with NiCd battery 20-40Wh/kg, NiZn battery can provide more energy under the same weight.
3. High discharge power: With the characteristics of high-rate discharging and high voltage,NiZn battery can provide more power and longer-lasting than NiCd and NiMH batteries under the same discharge conditions.
4. Cost-efficient: Since each single NiZn cell has higher voltage, it uses fewer cells than NiCd and NiMH batteries in package so that the total cost of battery pack can be reduced. For example, a 3.6V NiMH battery pack needs 3 cells while there needs only 2 NiZn cells. Therefore, the price will be more competitive.
5. Substitutability: The NiZn battery pack is able to take place of NiCd and NiMH batteries. It can be applied in power tools and power supply of electric vehicles. In commercial fields, instead of using alkaline primary batteries, using NiZn battery can save energy and protect the environment.
6. Environmental protection: Both anode and cathode materials of NiZn battery are environmentally friendly and recyclable. There are no poisonous substances such as cadmium, lead and mercury.
7. Safety: NiZn battery is able to sustain acupuncture, squeeze, short circuit and high temperature.
Rechargeable NiZn Battery vs Other Rechargeable Batteries


Advantages Disadvantages
PbA 1. Low cost, ~0.6-1.2RMB/Wh.
2. Safety
1. Low energy density (~25Wh/kg) and heavy.
2. Only 300 cycles for deep discharging.
3. Poor performance of high rate discharging, e.g., 5C discharging only 60% of nominal capacity.
4. Not environmentally friendly.
NiCd 1. Relatively low price (~1.5-3RMB/Wh).
2. Deep dischargeable.
3. Safety.
1. Serious pollution to environment.
2. Cadmium is harmful to human.
3. Low energy- density (~35 Wh/kg).
4. Memory effect.
NiMH 1. High energy density(~80Wh/kg).
2. Deep dischargeable.
3. Long cycle life (~100-800 cycles).
4. Environmentally friendly.
1. High cost(~3.3-4.7RMB/Wh).
2. Poor performance of discharging at low temperature.
3. Not safe at high temperature
(>65℃ Hydrogen emission)
Li-ion & Li-polymer 1.High energy density(~120-200Wh/kg)
2. Long cycle life(500~1000 cycles)
3. Deep dischargeable.
4. Environmentally friendly.
1. High cost(~4.8-6RMB/Wh)
2. Not safe: flammable and explosive.
3. Poor performance at low temperature: <10°C poor discharging; <0°C poor charging.
4. Poor conductivity and poor heat disposal capability.
NiZn 1.Relatively high energy density
2. Good performance in high-power discharge (up to 50C discharging).
3. 100% deep dischargeable and no memory effect.
4. Good performance in high/low temperature.
5. Safety.
6. Abundant zinc in earth crust with reasonable price.
7. Cost-efficient
8. Environmentally friendly.
1. Moderate cycle life(~300-500cycles).
Being improved.
2. Energy density: NiCd(35Wh/kg)<NiZn(70Wh/kg)<Li-ion(120Wh/kg)
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