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Rechargeable NiZn battery, as one of the environmental-friendly batteries, could be traced back to late 19th century when the famous American inventor Thomas Edison had done some researches on it. Compared with other rechargeable batteries, NiZn battery has its own unique features and is applicable to many products and fields, which has huge market potentials.

Hangzhou NeuCell Energy Co. Ltd., having mastered the advanced technology of rechargeable NiZn battery, has mass-producing capabilities. The investors of our company include those who have studied and worked in North American for many years with over 20 years experience in researching and developing the technology of NiZn batteries. Moreover, there are many other management talents and technical talents in our company. At present, our products have four categories: AA Size, SC Size, D Size and F Size. Our batteries carry CE, RoHS and EC2006 certifications and have pended patents in China, America and EU. The NiZn battery has been listed into the Innovation Project of Zhejiang in 2011.


Our company, located in Yuhang Town, western Hangzhou, has advanced manufacturing equipment and breakthrough technology. Our company has been verified by the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. As a new battery-manufacturing company, we are pursuing “Customer First, Integrity, Innovation and Positive Attitude” as the company’s culture. We are on behalf of contribution to creating green and environmental-friendly new energy.


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